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Energy and climate survey

for the municipality of Hesperange


Dear Citizens,


The municipality of Hesperange, already a member of the climate alliance for many years, subscribed to the "Pact for climate" in 2013. The goal is ambitious, as we want to produce 20% of the used energy with renewables.


In order to receive more detailed information about the energy consumption and possible potentials for the production of renewables, we need your help.


We have very attractive prizes related to energy and sustainability, which you may win.


Before you start, please have the following documents ready:

- your latest electrical energy invoice (décompte)

- your latest gas or domestic fuel oil invoice

- your latest invoice for water and waste water consumption

- the energy pass of your building, if available


All submitted information is respected as confidential and treated according to the law. The evaluation of the data submitted will be anonymized.


Thank you in advance

Your home is located in... (Required)
How many people live in your houshold? (Required)
Type of your house/flat (Required)
Number of flats in your building
habitable surface in m2 (Required)
construction year of the house (Required)
Did you replace your windows or the entrance door?
If yes, in which year?
Did you insolate the envelope of your house later on?
 If yes, in which year?
Do you see any necessity of refurbishment? (Required)
Do you have your Energy Pass ready? (Required)